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Tuesday, December 6
2 pm BST

Save your spot

Tuesday, December 6
2 pm BST

If you’re still relying on manual invoice processing or OCR automation, it’s time for an upgrade!

In this webinar, Imran Gohar, Sr. Solutions Consultant gives you an inside look into AppZen Autonomous AP and why one-third of Fortune 500 companies trust our AI. He’ll specifically show its ability to: 

  • easily extract header and line-level data, 
  • accurately code invoices, 
  • process both PO & non-PO backed invoices, 
  • check for duplicate spend across invoices, expenses & cards,
  • and more, autonomously! 

AppZen’s Autonomous AP can:

  • Process your invoices end-to-end with 100% accuracy without any templates, 
  • Process 80% of your invoices without manual work – without you ever touching them, 
  • Make complex decisions for you (e.g. PO-line matching based on line context, unique GL coding based on supplier and invoice data)
  • Integrate directly with your current ERP and P2P solution for touchless invoice processing,

Register today and find out what Autonomous Accounts Payable can do for you!


Photo of Imran Gohar

Imran Gohar

Sr. Solutions Consultant, EMEA