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Webinar: Using Finance AI to Manage Expense Risk
Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 10:00 am PT & GMT

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Most employees are trustworthy, but even one bad apple can wreak havoc on your bottom line and company’s reputation. In one organization, an employee stole $6M operating a side business while another used $4.1M in corporate credit card transactions to build a music studio. While these examples may sound outrageous, American corporations lose approximately $50B and 1.8% in revenue annually because of employee fraud. 

Join this webinar on Tuesday, November 30th to learn how Finance AI can help you manage expense risk and root out fraud before it cripples your business. 

  • Explore autonomous expense tracking and how it can find and prevent employee fraud across T&E, Accounts Payable, and P-Cards.
  • Discover the many benefits of autonomous expense tracking over manual review.
  • Learn how AI-driven analytics using unstructured expense data gives you the power to spot real-time and potential fraudulent spend.
  • See examples of Finance AI technology identifying and eliminating real-world fraudulent transactions, and delivering unbeatable value for customer



Deniece Moxy

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Matt Jordan

Customer Success Manager

Kevin North

Customer Success Manager, EMEA

Charlie Warne

Solution Consultant