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This free trial is intended for enterprise organizations with minimums of 500 employees and $500M in revenue.

Our FREE Expense Audit Trial Includes

  • Complete access for 14 days to AppZen’s Finance AI platform
  • AI insights into wasteful spend, employee errors, and fraud
  • A value assessment report to enhance your expense program

Connect your expense management system to see how our autonomous Expense Audit helps you take control of your T&E expenses and makes expense reporting easy for your people. Our extensive AI models will assist you with:

Expense Verification and Audit

  • Automated Receipt Verification
  • Duplicates Across Reports
  • Duplicates Within Reports
  • Non-Conforming Receipts Check
  • Amount Verification
  • Receipt Itemization Verification Check

Unauthorized and Out-of-Policy Spend

  • Unauthorized Expenses Check
  • Weekend Expenses Check
  • Merchant Category Check
  • Merchant Price Check

Regulatory Compliance & Company Policy Enforcement

  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery Check
  • Manager as Attendee Check
  • Expense Age Check

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