The AI-powered finance revolution

Unlock efficiency
and impact bottom line


AI is here to stay. Make it work for you.

It’s been said that AI won’t replace finance teams–but those who embrace AI might. Spend a day with AppZen executives, customers, and industry leaders, immersed in discussions of the impending impacts and benefits of the latest technological advances on finance operations. Prepare yourself and your organization to join the AI-powered finance revolution with the team that has been doing this for a decade.

Why should you attend?

Finance Operations

Participate in hands-on learning, workshops, best practices, and new product sneak-peeks

Network and swap success stories, tips, and tricks with fellow AppZen customers

Meet face-to-face with the AppZen customer success and executive teams

Get a preview of current and future AppZen products and features to help increase the impact of your AppZen investment across Accounts Payable, Cards, and T&E

Take back to your teams new methods to boost cost savings, reduce spend, and optimize productivity and adoption

Generative AI in Finance

Learn how industry leaders and your peers are debating, entrusting, implementing, and operationalizing AI across every finance function

Get immersed in discussion, insights, and best practices to implement in your journey to building finance teams of the future, today

Hear from forward-thinking leaders in the field on how view and utilize AI as part of a more efficient, compliant, and strategic back-office finance organization

Network with your peers and walk away with actionable next steps for staying ahead of the AI curve

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