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WEBINAR: Debunk the five most common myths of invoice automation holding you back from greatness.

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Be Inspired

As a finance leader, you followed the best-practices playbook, carefully building your finance tech stack to meet your invoice processing needs. But the tech hasn't stood up to its promises. Is it a performance issue? Or one of perception?

Watch the on-demand session for “5 Myths of Invoice Automation,” where we'll debunk some of the commonly-held beliefs about invoice automation that are holding you back:

Myth #1: ERP-based invoice automation will solve all of your AP challenges
Myth #2: Pushing suppliers to portals and networks will reduce your AP team’s burden
Myth #3: Implementing OCR for invoice capture will make all manual work disappear

Myth #4: Reaching 60% invoice automation with P2P is the low-hanging fruit

Myth #5: Prepayment audits of 100% of your invoices is impossible

We'll discuss current state of AP automation, the 5 myths holding you back, and the realities of AI-driven Autonomous AP that can set you free.


Gary Malhotra

VP of Product Marketing